Saturday, 25 April 2009

All a bit Blue Peter

Ok so there was no wax. Fine. So, back it was to my box of bits and bobs. Today I have finished some brooches, a bag and made some hair slides / fascinators. I am wondering wether they should be put onto ebay or saved for some from of craft fair- come - car boot. I will see how the brooches go this week on Ebay. Having only sold one brooch so far (£5.70 - not bad!) I am a little cautious. I am not entirely convinced that Ebay is the best forum for this kind of craft.

Cie has suggested a site called Etsy. It is a site where people can sell their handmade products, however, everything on there seems to be very professional looking. My products at the moments still look a bit Blue Peter. Regardless of when and where I decide to sell my bag of bobbins, I am enjoying (so much) getting back to being creative - I should probably also do some writing at some point!!

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