Sunday, 12 April 2009

Knit one, pearl one . . .

So, a few weeks ago I thought I would teach myself to knit, or at least remind myself. I remember being able to do it when I was younger, in fact I believe it was the world famous (well in Adlington anyway) Mr Townson who taught me how to knit (and carve wood and generally be able to create any masterpiece from a random selection of pipe cleaners, toilet tubes, tissue paper and a hacksaw!)

I made a litte knitted santa for the christmas tree which my mum still hangs every year. Actually, I feel she has no option. My brother and I would moan / shout / fuss / generally complain in protest every year when mum tried to put more 'tasteful' and 'decorative' items on the tree instead of the plastic tack and homemade gubbins we had loved and cherished from being tots. We did relent at times which strung beads and new twikling lights appeared, but the clinging santas, glitter stars, and my little knitted number remained. Even now when we have not lived at home for a good few years, mum is not allowed to change the angel despite the fact that she is very nearly headless, filthy and incredibly dented (and quite scary actually, its like something out of nightmares). No other angel will do!

So it is that little piece of inspiration that is aired annually which has led me to knit again. There was no general point for this other than a mode of relaxation in these stressful days. I figured that I would enjoy it and potentially be good enough to make things for others some day, after all my santa has survived nearly 20 years and still looks splendid!! However, my first attempts at a 'bag' where not particularly fruitfull . . . .


I don't know what happened!! Some how i managed to double the number of stitches I needed within 5 rows! Not quite as spectaular as one would have hoped! Never mind I thought, its wool. I will just wash it really hot in the machine and turn it into felt which I can then create all manner of things from, waste not want not, make do and mend!! Hmmm. Don't buy cheap wool and trust the lable. It would appear that it is not actually wool. I have now made this into what can only be described as a flamboyant version of Rab C Nesbit's vest. Not ideal. So any ideas? I shall endeavour to conquer this and create something fabulous from it! maybe.

So, today's craft (as afterall it is sunday!). The good thing is people are alrady watching my brooches on ebay which were listed last night - hopefully that will convert to bidders and buyers, but its promising to say the least. The bag? nout yet.

Today I have two more bags made from recylced bits and bobs . . .

The above is made from some of that wonderful lime satin mentioned in the previous blog and heavy duty upholstery material retrieved from a set of curtains. The fabric on the outside is so fresh and summery, and hard wearing!

The above bag is similar to the previous blog bag too, however, this has purple satin from an old skirt as the lining (unmarked - looks lovely!) and some handmade flowers made using my flower loom!!! I would advertise the flowers as being woollen however I seriously doubt it now following the disgrace that is my first knitted piece!

I have, however, begun another knitted piece which so far (fingers crossed) looks like a fully capable human being may have been near it. I think my plans for this evening now, whilst full of roast easter lamb, will be to flump infront of sunday night telly and knit away to my hearts content! I am a little worried I may be heading down the path of a tea cosy wearing, unpleasant smelling, multi-cat-collector. I'd be really worried if it wasn't for steve!


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