Saturday, 11 April 2009

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Hello again Ladies and Gents (well mainly ladies I guess). Its been a long while since I contributed to the wonderful world if internet blogging. My previous efforts ran aground, mainly due to laziness I feel, which is ironic seen as it was about making an effort to loose weight!!

Anyhoo, this is a very different type of blog.

Many things have changed in my life in the last few months and more changes are to come in the next few. The credit crunch has hit certain places and areas hard and you would think in these times I would be sitting smug with my teacher job knowing the world couldn't touch me. Knowing that I am financially secure no matter what the bankers want to do next. Knowing I had a job for life. Well, in these times of relative financial chaos I have done the complete opposite.

As of July I will be leaving the teaching profession for 12 months to follow my writing ambitions. I want to be an author. I can't promise I am any good at it, but I (with thanks to my incredibly supportive boyfriend) am going to give it a bloody good go!

However, you may think that this is what I will be blogging about, and yes I suppose it will be mentioned along with all my other ramblings. I would imagine over the next few weeks I will swing between shear excitement and complete panic about my destiny - there is more than every expectation that this won't work as planned!! No, I wanted to blog mainly about my attempts to make a living from anything but teaching.

Obviously, the major downfall of a career change is that I am leaving an incredibly good wage. I am also not a saver - I am pretty poor with money, but I am learning. I have recently taken to trying to make money through selling junk on ebay - it is truly awesome what some people will buy. But I have been more taken by something which my Cie ( ) was talking to me about the other day - make do and mend! With the world rapidly running out of seemingly everything, from unrenewable resources to money, from polar ice caps to penguin biscuits (they just don't seem to be as popular these days) and with the worl rapidly increasing in endless streets of charity shops and jumble sales, I figured why not combine the two?!!

Therefore my aims: To save the world, the poor and needy; make money so I don't end up homeless and in a gutter (not too good for writing kids books); make some pretty things for all the girlies who are mesmerised like budgies by the shiny shiny things!

So, I am going to recycle, remake, mend, adapt, change, alter - all these things, not only in the junk that I find, but hopefully in myself too.

Wish me luck! Oh God. Gulp.


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