Monday, 20 April 2009

How do I love thee? Let me show the ways . . .

Most romantics out there expect love to be fireworks, roses and a constant drug like high. I have to disagree - I don't take drugs, roses are not my favourite flower (I much prefer daffs) and I, embarressingly, am slightly afraid of fireworks (it's the nasty bangs!).

Instead, love is the many varied little (and big) things that make a difference, and as much as Steve will protest loudly againt this, I know he loves me! Yes, he does tell me, but theres those little moments that make it so much more. And over the last 12 months there have been even more suspicious clues that he may be in this for the long haul . . .

No, buying and house together with a joint mortgage, that wasn't it - terribly unromantic and financial! A business deal. But during one his cleaning fits he did weedle out all the duplicate DVDs in our now combined collections.

From this point things have gone further, after all he was the one who suggested and encouraged me to write and do something different for a while. On the back of this he bought me a dining table and chairs (which we have still to have a meal at - steve is refusing to have a dinner party!) so that I could do home tutoring to bring in a little money when needed. But the greatest offering of his love was last week when looking at my knitting!

The picture here shows my latest attempt at knitting - a much, much, much better effort - it even looks like it could be used for something. I aim to make this into a bag, hopefully one that someone would like to buy. I was thinking of using other bits of felt, wool and beads to decorate it up. will have to think of a design though . . .

Anyway, I digress. When steve saw my knitting he didn't say very much. It is knitting afterall. However, after a little pondering he asked if I would knitt him a scarf!!!!! Now that is love! He not only believes in my writing, in my methods of making some pennies, but now also in my knitting!! So, soon we are going to go and find some suitable wool for this project, and I am going to teach myself how to do tassles!! I am slightly concerned that this makes us a pair of old marrieds, but I don't care. It makes me floaty . . . oh, hang on, here come the fireworks!

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