Saturday, 11 April 2009

Beg, Borrow and Steal

I have made my first contributions to craft recylcing and listed them on ebay. At the moment my 'creations' echo my writing skills: lots of good intentions by slightly wonky in the execution! Right idea, but the vision is incomplete! I reckon about a 4c (sorry, teacher reference), just missing that certain something that makes it complete - but, practice makes prefect!

So here we go . . . .

Beach Bag

I was actually quite proud of this - a reclaimed fabric beach bag. The outer is a heavy cotton style fabric which was previously a very poor 'sheppherds' costume at school. It was recently torn apart to make bread bags for Hansel and Gretel. The rest had been left for throwing out. Not in my classroom!

The lime lining was the end of a roll on Birmingham's Rag Market that the stll holder was throwing underneath his stall out of the way.
The paper flowers attached on the front are remnants of card making motifs.

Brooches and Corsages

These are three of the four brooches I made this evening whilst watching Britains got Talent! See multi-tasking!
All three of these are made using bits and pieces left over from my Mum's wedding in January. In fact, most of these odds and sods came off her wedding cake (which I hasten to add she made herself from the alcohol soaked fruit to shiny beaded flowers adorning the tiers - a very talented lady). Sadly, there is no icing or marzipan remaining on the pieces.

Each piece, ribbon, flower, bead etc, has been taken apart and remade into these brooches / corsages, which I am actually really chuffed with. It started today because I had bought myself a flower loom! I had one as a kid and used to bore people to death with knitted flowers made for no purpose and no one, I couldn't even pass them off to old people as coasters! But I figured with me rejuvinated love for crafts (and the fact that I have been given my Grandma's entire knitting drawer of goods recently) I could put a flower loom to good use. Therefore I have spent the day wrapping and twisting, coiling and stitching wool and fabric around several little pegs which kept pinging out of place! Steve bless did try to show an interest in what I was doing, and to be fair did a bloody good job of being enthusiastic about, lets face it, the outcomes of a girl guide's attempt at her handmade crafts badge.

Well, as I have another week left until I have to go back to work, I am sure I will find some time to write a little more nonsense and share with you my next creative attempts.

Happy Easter all.


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  1. Welcome back honey!

    I have loads of oddments you can have for crafting if they're of any use?

    Speaking of marzipan, Somerfield in Stafford are being taken over by Co-op and getting rid of own-brand stuff for pennies - so today I got a pack of marzipan for 12p! Yay!