Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The balance returned - almost!

Today was much better all in all - I remembered what I am looking forward to so much! I got things sorted in my head again, and I got organised a little, which really helps.

Kids were back in today and it was good to see them, this actually helped my thinking again. We were trying to get them to realise just how little time they had left - there are 13, sorry 1 now, school days left until their SATs. THATS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! That suddenly hit home. yes ok there are several weeks left after this, but that, essentially, is it!! I jst have to get through those 12 days, nothing more. To keep myself sane I am going to write, craft, and hopefully sell some stuff.

My first brooches are up for sale tonight (bags haven't sold so far. poo) and thankfully one has got a bid on at £4.99, which is very exciting (yes, I am aware that in the grand scheme of exciting things this is fairly low. I am easily pleased, it generally makes for a happier existence!!) With a little luck I would like to sell at least two tonight, make it feel more worth while.
Have been contemplating the idea that it might be easier to try and sell things at craft fairs etc. I could build quite a stock for precious little money - I have lots of fabric etc, it just needs something doing with it. My Cie sent me a link today for various crafty items which may be useful: http://www.craftster.org/

Not had a good nosey yet, but there seems some good stuff on there. Will be having a look to see if I can get some further inspiration.

I am loving this whole craft thing, I feel a buzz again. Its as if my creative streak and passion for pva glue and stickyback plastic has come back. Thats one of the reasons I have loved being a teacher, you get to play and be creative and enjoy having the excuse to get covered in clay, cover your hands in pva then enjoy the satisfaction of peeling it all off, pretending to children that you are part snake sheading your skin. Having the excuse to make monsters out of cereal boxes (no loo rolls this day and age I'm afraid - not unless you've microwaved them yourself to kill germs - seriously!), using glitter on everything, and sticking sequins on people's backs.

Bit by bit though it was sapped away to the point were I felt I actually didn't care. That was a stark realisation. Other rubbish started to get in the way, targets for everything, data, policies, budgets, ugly attitudes, uglyiness in general. And yes, I know that teaching is more about being a business these days but it all seems so extreme. Everything went a bit grey, I even got horrendously pissed off at glitter! It was banned from my classroom! However, since I got back into this frame of mind things have colour again, I mean, I've even let children destroy my carpet with glitter and glitter glue! Obviously not deliberately destroy the carpet, some bright spark decided that cordroy style carpetting throughout a primary school was a sensible cleaning choice! My room will now have green twinkles forever!

Today I ordered some willow withies for school - we are going to make some giant sculptures after SATs, mythical monsters I think to fit with our greek theme! Can't wait. May end up with a few eyes poked out and a couple of trips to A&E, but what the hell, its all in the aid of creativity!

Just to show you how things have changed in my head, here's a couple of pics of mine and erika's corridor. This is what we created to embody our ancient greek theme:

I'd forgotten I could paint!!
Sadly photos don't quite do our genius justice!
If anyone know of any craft fairs in the west midlands or an easier way of finding them (I have found one seemingly in the entire country - clearly doing something wrong), please can you leave me a comment.
Enjoy your evening!

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