Monday, 11 May 2009

The Case of the Missing Glue Gun

Hoorays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My candle making equipment has arrived! Finally!! The company apparently had some shipping issues, but no matter tis here now!

I haven't written or made much since my last post, mainly because I have been right royally knackered. Yes woe is me who gets to finish at quater past three! I know, I know, all the usual teacher jibes, its fine . . . get them out of the way now . . . thank you. I shall continue.

Today was the first of our SATs week and my nerves for several work related reasons have been on edge for a couple of weeks. I spent last night not sleeping well, and when awake feeling as if I was going to throw up any second. I hadn't been so nervous since, well, never! I didn't even feel that bad during my own exams! Poor little sods having to go through this at 10 years old! Bring on the scrap heap. Science tests over with but tomorrow is the one that I am most concerned about. The writing tests.

This is what has concerned me for the last couple of weeks. I, who wants to become a successful writer, am now in full on stress mode about wether or not I have given my kids all the skills they need. There is nothing more I can do now, but I am a little unsettled to say the least. Hence, distraction techniques!

When I got home to see my shiny new toys I got rather over excited (yes a 2kg wax does that for me!!). So I dug out the shot glasses, cleaned them up - all 50 of them! - found the instructions again about how to make them, got ready to start and then . . . brick wall. Twice! Firstly I realised I had no suitable pot in which to melt the wax. Secondly, I couldn't find my glue gun! I need to attach the wicks to the base of each container using hot glue, but alas! it has gone.

I just can't work out where I have put it. How do you loose a glue gun?!!!! Its in none of the places I can see, maybe the attic? hmmmm.

So before I can venture into the world of molten wax, I need to do two things, hunt down the glue gun and glue sticks, and go to the charity shop for a wax pan. Bummer. Was really looking forward to distracting myself this evening. Looks like I'll just have to wait til Sunday.

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  1. Oh god...

    Did you lend it to me?? Is it in a box somewhere (i.e. most likely your attic, since you guys have my entire spare room up there...)

    I plan on sorting some of my stuff to bring back at the weekend anyway. xx