Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Peacock Dreams

Over the bank holiday weekend, Steve and I decided to actually do something rather than simply sit still, watching tv and saying very little. We infact went to Warwick Castle and Warwick races. Despite losing every single race on the bank holiday Monday (I wasn't running, although I may as well have been for all the good it did!) I had so much fun! I would certainly do that again, possibly dolled up to the nines like Holly Golightly. I did indeed come out with the line, "Move ya bloomin' arse!" which I think is only right, and quite frankly, necessary in the situation!

It was at the castle however that I got another idea, well a half baked one anyway! No I do not plan on making medieval style outfits or accessories, chain mail bags and brooches, or candles with an eau du plague rotting peasant, it was the peacocks that did it. For anyone who hasn't been, the place is packed with peacocks and peahens, stunning in all their seasonal beauty. Their distinct and formidable song echoes around the grounds from all directions.It was while watching (I think I counted about 9 males) these peacock present themselves that I suddenly remembered I have peacock feathers in the bottom of my sewing bag!

These feathers were left over from November last year when we went to see Mighty Boosh in Nottingham. We decided to go dressed up as characters (if you haven't seen boosh please do not worry about the pictures that follow, you really need to see it to understand just exactly what it is you are seeing) from the episode Nannageddon. Caroline was going to go dressed as Glamour Nanna (a bit saucy in the 50's) but decided she just looked like a nanna (still glamourous to me sweetie!!). So while she dressed as Ebola the Goth Girl, the rest of us (Steve, his brother Owen, and myself) went as members of the board of Shamen.

I made the boys their outfits, wether they liked it or not. Steve, as Saboo, who as we know has been to the 'Crunch' on several occaisions, and not as a tourist, needed lots of feathers and frills. His jacket was a charity shop job with an old feather boa stitched around the collar and down the lapels. I then made a fan style headress- neckdress I suppose - with long black feathers and peacock tail (which I did have to buy).

I wasn't too impressed to be honest, didn't look exactly as planned, butI think the outfit all together, with Steve's attempt at a look of contempt, kinda worked.

As for Owen, he had no choice in the matter. He was going as Tony Harrison, a pink headed pain in Saboo's arse (so many levels!). For this I bought some pink lycra from the Rag Market, stitched into tenticles and filled it with mini polystyrene balls from a bust squidgy cushion. I have to say, this I think worked a treat! I was so chuffed with my little self - this was the firt thing I made on my sewing machine!

So, after embarressing my Blokey and his brother, it's back to the question in hand. What to do with my spare peacock feathers? I was thinking about maybe a 20's style fascinator, or decorations on a black bag. . . not sure. Will have a think and a play, any suggestions, greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Brilliant! The pink one is especially brill! Now I see why Caroline loved the weekend so much!