Monday, 11 May 2009

The Sock Conundrum

Now, all of us have often wondered what exactly happens to those rogue socks who decide to break free of their desperate existence on our feet. Every now and again whilst putting out our washing, we realise, yet again, that another woven friend has done a Steve McQueen on us. Despite our best attempts to loacte the tunnels which surely have been chisled out of our washer-come-tumble-dryers, or the tools with which they have accomplished this mesmerising task, we never see any evidence of their Great Escape.

However, it has recently come to my attention that this masculine, war time, movie style disappearing trick may not be the way in which they escape. I now believe they are being liberated. Liberated not by other socks who got left in the grass on a summers day having fallen from the washing line; not by the mice under the sink who found it lounging amongst the recycling having been dropped on route to the shiny tumbler; but liberated by quite a strange, small and slightly scary (for many many reasons) human being.

This individual has been sneaking into your houses in the dead of night, or while you are at work, or seemingly, just when you're not watching, to free our toe warmers. She has then taken the refugees into her trusting confidence to no other place than . . . FOUR OAKS! The hell which then befalls our socks is so bizarre and sick, that no other item of clothing could ever imagine it. They are sewn and stitched into a strangely bewitching and fairly funky ANIMAL!!!!

The above creation is one of the first, and I am sure many, of Kaye's sock animals. Despite her stealing your missing socks from the cosyness that is the laundry basket, she has actually made something quite cool - if not a little scary (a bit like the bad boys toys in Toy Story!!). But what a way to recycle?!!! I can imagine a whole army of these creatures, coming to life to aid Ms Martin in her conquest of the world - and lets face it, they'd be indestructable, after all they are just socks! Nothing kills a sock!

Kaye - hats off! I think this is awesome - can't wait to see the Sock-topus!

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